Dealer Testimonial: Mike Luick of Archadeck


We had the opportunity via video call to speak with one of Porch Conversions’ dealers, Mike Luick, to get the inside scoop on working with Porch Conversions versus other leaders in the industry. 

“I’ve had zero quality control issues. Zero. If I order something, it comes in that size, period. I’ve just not had an issue to date on any of that.” 

Luick is Archadeck Charlotte’s Vice President of Sales, working regularly with home owners and contractors. Archadeck Charlotte recently switched over from a different company to Porch Conversions after they decided that “Porch Conversions is just plain better.” His enthusiasm was clear throughout the entire conversation.

What stood out to you about Porch Conversions?

“. . . . it was similar to what we had used before, so it was actually nice that it was similar, but better. There are more color options available and frankly, the support. It is really refreshing to have the type of support that I’ve seen with Porch Conversions as compared to support that I had with other products. . . . Bob is our rep and he calls me once a week or once every two weeks just to check in, just to say, hey, how are we doing? Is there anything we can do better? How can I help? 

I think it was just a couple of days ago I sent Bob an email and kind of a random question that I had, and he answered it immediately. It’s just awesome to have that.”

Luick mentioned several times that Porch Conversions’ support team is unrivaled, stating that he has an excellent relationship with his rep, Bob Waterston, who has been in the industry for 25 years and with Porch Conversions since September 2019. 

“I have had a ton of warranty issues, fixing the other product, and we were sick of fixing the other product and then just kind of sick of the distribution quality control issues. I’ve had none of those issues with Porch Conversions.”

Luick also noted that there were problems with their previous supplier’s product that were resolved when he switched over to Porch Conversions. The main issue for him was the moving parts on the windows, which required more time and energy to take apart and put together than Porch Conversions, which has zero moving parts.

 “The biggest thing for me is it doesn’t have any moving parts. So the other product that I used has these little clips on the top of the panels that you have to move in if you want to take the panel out and Porch Conversions does not have it. They have the hidden compression on the inside of the panel itself that you just provide a little bit of lateral pressure to the left.”

Do you often encounter customers who know what they want from a room, but aren’t sure of the products out there?

“Absolutely. I get that a lot. So a lot of times over the phone, I can tell a customer is going to want this product quickly and sometimes it’s before they can even say it….And frankly, I don’t do a ton of upselling. If a client tells me that they want a screened in porch, I’m going to show them a screened in porch.

When they’re at my showroom, the Porch Conversions product is there on full display. [They say], “what’s that?” So I show them and there is a massive conversion rate from those people who want to go from a screened in porch to the Porch Conversions product. It does the selling for me.”

Do you have Porch Conversions in your own home?

“The furniture that we have in our own porch is not rated for exterior use. It’s rated for – well it’s our previous family room furniture. But because of these windows, we can use it out there and the porch looks great, clean all the time and it doubles our entertaining space. We’ve used it for New Year’s Eve and when friends come over, it’s one of the first things we do is hang out on the porch.”

Luick and Archadeck Charlotte were lucky enough to jump on board early, but it’s not too late! If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Porch Conversions dealer, or if you already have your mind made up – check out the link below to sign up!


Video Timestamps

  • 4:13 – Luick talks about Archadeck
  • 6:46 – Selling Porch Conversions at Luick’s showroom
  • 8:55 & 12:16 – Porch Conversions product versus other leaders in the industry
  • 14:52 – Luick talks about having Porch Conversions in his own home

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